Improve your form with an AI trainer in your pocket
Physique AI is an AI-powered fitness training app that gives 1-on-1 feedback to correct posture mistakes and encouragement to do more.
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Don't follow along
Struggle to match pace with workout videos that move too fast? Just train at your own pace, Physique AI will count your reps and give real-time feedback to correct mistakes in your posture and encourage you to crush your personal best.
Learn and maintain proper form
Practice safely with real-time audio and visual cues to help you maintain good form and instant voice feedback that helps correct mistakes in your posture.
Get encouragement to do more
Get the most out of your workouts with voice encouragement that celebrates your effort and pumps you up to help you crush your personal best.
Private by design
The app uses machine learning and detects movement right on your device. We do not capture your face, body or surroundings, just an indistinguishable outline of your body skeleton.
Train with friends
Get your competitive fuel burning and climb up the leaderboards by maintaining good form with higher intensity.
Measure your progress
Your effort is tracked automatically along with in-depth metrics on your performance so you can visualise your gains and stay motivated towards your goals.
Workout more effectively, anywhere, anytime you want
Download the preview today for Android and iOS
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